Psychotherapy: Special Issue: Training and Professional Development

28 10 2013


Special Issue: Training and Professional Development

Several of the articles include cross-sectional and longitudinal analyses of different changes during the training process, the impact of attachment and supervision, internet training as well as cross cultural data on different training practices.


Mark J. Hilsenroth, PhD
Special Issue: Training and Professional Development
Mark J. Hilsenroth, PhD

2013  Volume 50, Issue 2 (Jun)

  1. Pages 139-149
    Gelso, Charles J.; Baumann, Ellen C.; Chui, Harold T.; Savela, Alexandra E.

    Differences among trainees in client outcomes associated with the phase model of change.
    Pages 150-157
    Budge, Stephanie L.; Owen, Jesse J.; Kopta, S. Mark; Minami, Takuya; Hanson, Matthew R.; Hirsch, Glenn

    Trainee psychotherapists’ development in self-rated professional qualities in training.
    Pages 158-166
    Dennhag, Inga; Ybrandt, Helene

    Correction to Hill, Chui, and Baumann (2013).
    Page 166
    Hill, Clara E.; Chui, Harold; Baumann, Ellen

  3. The relationship of introject affiliation and personal therapy to trainee self-efficacy: A longitudinal study among psychotherapy trainees.
    Pages 167-177
    Taubner, Svenja; Zimmermann, Johannes; Kächele, Horst; Möller, Heidi; Sell, Christian

  5. Adult attachment, attachment to the supervisor, and the supervisory alliance: How they relate to novice therapists’ perceived counseling self-efficacy.
    Pages 178-188
    Marmarosh, Cheri L.; Nikityn, Mary; Moehringer, Jason; Ferraioli, Lauren; Kahn, Sonia; Cerkevich, Angela; Choi, Jaehwa; Reisch, Emily
    A cross-cultural comparison of clinical supervision in South Korea and the United States.
    Pages 189-205
    Son, Eunjung; Ellis, Michael V.

    Pages 206-212
    Lee, Debbiesiu L.; Sheridan, Daniel J.; Rosen, Adam D.; Jones, Isaiah

    Pages 213-223
    Digiuni, Malena; Jones, Fergal W.; Camic, Paul M.

    Pages 224-234
    Blume-Marcovici, Amy C.; Stolberg, Ronald A.; Khademi, Mojgan

    Pages 235-247
    Kobak, Kenneth A.; Craske, Michelle G.; Rose, Raphael D.; Wolitsky-Taylor, Kate

    Pages 248-255
    Kanter, Jonathan W.; Tsai, Mavis; Holman, Gareth; Koerner, Kelly

    Pages 256-265
    Puspitasari, Ajeng; Kanter, Jonathan W.; Murphy, Joseph; Crowe, Alex; Koerner, Kelly

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