Psychotherapy: número especial sobre resultados de la psicoterapia

1 07 2013


Special Issue: Psychotherapy Outcome

2013  Volume 50, Issue 1 (Mar)

.    Introduction to the 50th anniversary special issue on psychotherapy outcome: A return to the beginning.Pages 1-2

Hilsenroth, Mark J.


.    The outcome problem in psychotherapy revisited.Pages 3-11

Strupp, Hans H.


.    The outcome problem in psychotherapy: A reply.Pages 12-14

Eysenck, H. J.


.    The outcome problem in psychotherapy: A rejoinder.Page 15

Strupp, Hans H.


.    The good, the bad, and the ugly: A 50-year perspective on the outcome problem.Pages 16-24

Wampold, Bruce E.


.    You can’t step into the same river twice, but you can stub your toes on the same rock: Psychotherapy outcome from a 50-year perspective.Pages 25-32

Horvath, Adam O.


.    The variables problem and progress in psychotherapy research.Pages 33-41

Stiles, William B.


.    Outcome in psychotherapy: The past and important advances.Pages 42-51

Lambert, Michael J.

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.    Psychotherapy outcome: An issue worth re-revisiting 50 years later.Pages 52-67

Castonguay, Louis G.


.    Revisiting and reenvisioning the outcome problem in psychotherapy: An argument to include individualized and qualitative measurement.Pages 68-76

Hill, Clara E.; Chui, Harold; Baumann, Ellen


.    Eysenck, Strupp, and 50 years of psychotherapy research: A personal perspective.Pages 77-87

Barlow, David H.; Boswell, James F.; Thompson-Hollands, Johanna


.    The outcome of psychotherapy: Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.Pages 88-97

Miller, Scott D.; Hubble, Mark A.; Chow, Daryl L.; Seidel, Jason A.


.    Recognition of psychotherapy effectiveness: The APA resolution.Pages 98-101

Campbell, Linda F.; Norcross, John C.; Vasquez, Melba J. T.; Kaslow, Nadine J.


.    Recognition of psychotherapy effectiveness.Pages 102-109


.    Treatment as usual (TAU) for depression: A comparison of psychotherapy, pharmacotherapy, and combined treatment at a large academic medical center.Pages 110-118

Blais, Mark A.; Malone, Johanna C.; Stein, Michelle B.; Slavin-Mulford, Jenelle; O’Keefe, Sheila M.; Renna, Megan; Sinclair, Samuel J.


.    Everyday evidence: Outcomes of psychotherapies in Swedish public health services.Pages 119-130

Werbart, Andrzej; Levin, Lars; Andersson, Håkan; Sandell, Rolf


.    History of Division 29, 1993–2013: Another 20 years of psychotherapy.Pages 131-138

Williams, Elizabeth Nutt; Barnett, Jeffrey E.; Canter, Mathilda B.





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