Congreso 2013: Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration, Call for papers

16 11 2012



The Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration (SEPI) invites submissions for the 29th Annual Conference to be held in Barcelona, Spain, June 7-9, 2013 (with preconference workshops on June 6). Our conference site will be the Blanquerna, Llull Ramon University, in downtown Barcelona, an epicenter of culture, art, and innovation on the beautiful Mediterranean coast of Spain.

SEPI is an international organization and a community for clinicians and scholars who wish to explore the limitations of a single-school perspective and a forum for those interested in learning alternative ways of working with difficult clinical issues.

The program chair for this year’s SEPI 2013 Conference is Antonio Pascual-Leone, PhD,


The title of this year’s conference is:

Psychotherapy Integration: Researchers and Clinicians Working Together Towards Convergence

The definition of psychotherapy integration is evolving. This conference will explore both the original and expanded objectives for integration.

First, as many will know, since its foundation nearly 30 years ago SEPI has been a major forum for therapists with a desire to know more about how their approach is similar and different from other psychotherapeutic orientations. As a result of these efforts over the years, SEPI has played an important and international role in encouraging therapists to be more open to the possibility of integrating potentially helpful contributions from other orientations. Often, this has involved not only critical dialogues among proponents of different approaches to psychotherapies but also a sharing of video examples and case formulations to both illustrate and compare key constructs, markers, and interventions. Indeed, the use of case material and discussions from different perspectives has become a hallmark feature that sets the SEPI conferences apart from others in our field. This emphasis grounds research findings in clinical practice, thus making research more accessible and relevant to practitioners.

Second, effective therapy must be rooted in both clinical observation and empirical verification. However, too often psychotherapy research does not speak as concretely as it could to what clinicians have observed in session, or what might be done differently in the next treatment session. Therefore both clinicians and researchers in the field of psychotherapy have an important need for dialogues that integrate emerging research and front-line practice. To that end, SEPI continues to bring clinicians and researchers together in unprecedented degrees of active collaboration, so as to enable clinicians to learn and utilize the findings of cutting edge research, andfor researchers to learn from the observations of clinicians working with the issues that arise in the actual practice of psychotherapy.

To this end, our goal for the 2013 conference in Barcelona is to lead SEPI in its expanded mission of psychotherapy integration. Thus, we invite submissions of posters, papers, symposia, discussion groups, and mini-workshops that address (in whole or in part) that addressone of more of these objectives:

  • Integrating work from differing theoretical orientations
    • (e.g., dialogues between schools)
  • Integrating work of clinicians and researchers
    • (e.g., dialogues on questions, findings, methods)
  • Convergence of clinical observation and empirical verification
    • (e.g., creating and testing observational maps of clinical phenomenon)

While submissions are especially encouraged to deliver conclusions that speak to these objectives you are also welcome to submit presentations that are not directly related to the conference theme but are related to the broader theme of psychotherapy integration.


December 17, 2012. Submissions should be submitted online through the SEPI Conference submission portal at the SEPI website which will open November 1st. Submission guidelines will also be found there. The program committee will send notices of acceptance by February 18, 2013. Please be aware that simultaneous translation will not be available at this conference.

MORE INFO: Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration.





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