Conferencia sobre la regulación de la psicoterapia en Europa: Representantes políticos

6 02 2010

Listado de representantes políticos que asistirán a las jornadas  “On the political and legal status of  psychotherapists from a professionals and clients protection point of view in the European Union”. Viena, 18 y 19 de febrero de 2010.

Name Country Organisation
Jeremy Clark UK National adviser for the professions,
IAPT, Department of Health
Iréne Häggström Sweden Swedish
National Agency for Higher Education
Christoph Stock Germany lawyer
Tatjana Milcevic Denmark Coordinator for directive 2005/36/EC (recognition of professional qualifications)
Per Wahlstedt Sweden SOCIALSTYRELSEN
The National Board of Health and Welfare
The Unit for Qualifications and Patient Safety
Manuel Gomez-Beneyto Spain Coordinator of working group about Mental Health Strategy
Lucia Mestre Portugal Coordinator of Directive 2005/36/EC
IEFP – Instituto do Emprego e Formação Profissional, I.P.
Marina Encheva Bulgaria National Centre for Information and Documentation
Gillian Mifsud Malta Council for the Professions
Complementary to Medicine
Dr. Catherine Gasser Switzerland Chief of department “Health policy”
Marianne Gentsch Switzerland project manager “law for psychology professions”
Ileana Botezat-Antonescu Romania governmental representative for Mental Health
Czeslaw Czabala Poland Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology
Jane Alop Estonia Chief specialist of health care servises
Arleta Zaremba Poland Department of Science and Higher Education, Ministry of Health
Klaus Sommerfeld Germany Landesamt für Gesundheit und Soziales Berlin
Elke Kempin
Anamaria Kutasi Hungary Office of Health Authorisation and Administrative Procedures
Elmars Rancans Latvia Riga Stradins University
Sandra Schindler Switzerland Coordonnateur suisse pour la reconnaissance des diplômes (deputy)
Marek Jarema Poland The National Consultant of Psychiatry to the Minister of Health of Poland
Zuzana Šonková Czech Republic Adult Education Departement
Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
Dana Teodorescu Romania adviser on European affairs in the General Direction
on Public Health Care and Programs of the Ministry of Health




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